Saturday, May 31, 2014

Siff 2014 Rumors and Hearsay

On the discussions tab, I heard Witching and Bitching, the new Alex de la Iglasias, was great, but I missed it. I hope it comes back. He's always a hoot.

However, the poorly titled movie Another (directed by Jason Bognacki) is supposed to be AMAZINGLY TERRIBLE. The midnight crowd was telling how the audience completely turned on the movie. It was about motherhood, witchery, eye makeup and stripper poles, with most of the movie being done in slow motion. It sounds awful...or great.

The voting was really kind to A Street in Palermo, about two cars that try to go down a one-lane non-one-way street and refuse to budge. The trailer looked like a brilliant movie that could ratchet tension until a breaking point. (Plays again Wednesday and I might have to catch it).

And the people seemed to like the multi-generational Holocaust movie A Place in Heaven with Israeli soldiers or something. It sounded terribly cloying and cliche to me, but people liked it.

The Skeleton Twins used the song Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. Yes, that Starship song. No, it isn't excusable.

Mood Indigo, Michel Gondry's latest, had a relatively even range of reports from amazing to terrible.

Layover received a couple decent reviews from a couple of patrons who saw it on Friday night.

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